The Seismica Initiative

Seismica is a community-led effort to build a Diamond Open Access journal for seismology and earthquake science (broadly defined). Diamond Open Access journals are free for all to read, without subscriptions, and do not charge article processing fees to authors.
Seismica is in building phase, and is planned to be up and running by end-2021.
You can read more about the Seismica initiative in our community report, which is available on EarthArXiv: (thanks you all those members of the Seismica community who contributed to this report).
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Diamond OA, courtesy of WeAreVolcanica

Apply for Editorial Board positions

The next key phase of the development of the journal is to recruit an Editorial Board. Our key aim is that the Editorial Board is as diverse as possible, representing the truly global scientific fields of Seismology & Earthquake Science and allowing traditionally under-represented groups an opportunity to steer the future success of Seismica.

Applications are now open for you to volunteer to be part of the Seismica Editorial Board. There are a range of roles available, regardless of your previous experience, skills, and career position.

The online application form can be found here. It is a fairly short form and should only take 10-15 minutes of your time to complete it. Detailed instructions are available in the form. Feel free to nominate yourself for as many roles as you like - both Management and Handling Editorial positions. Selection by an independent committee will happen in two phases: first they will choose the Management and Operational positions. Once this group has been chosen, this new group will then proceed to select the Handling Section Editor roles from remaining applications.

We would love to see your application! Applications will close at midnight UTC on 15th September 2021. Please feel free to contact us if anything is not clear.

Get in Touch / Subscribe to the mailing list

We will need a diverse team of volunteers to assist with the operations of Seismica – including editors and editorial assistants, typesetters, copy editors, graphic designers, social media ambassadors and reviewers.
If you are interested or curious, please let us know! With the following form you can subscribe to our mailing list:


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